ARAI GP7 SRC ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection)

For open cockpit racing the GP-7 SRC ABP offers (Advanced Ballistic Protection) with a specification built around development of a unique advanced ballistic test, based on military specifications. Protection is provided against projectiles weighing up to 225 grams and travelling at 250kp/h. The eye port from the ABP version is lowered by 10mm.


Please note the GP-7 SRC & GP-7 SRC ABP come without top vents fitted (vent holes are left open). Each helmet box will contain a package with various ventilation ducts so that the driver can choose what’s most suitable depending on driving position and personal preference. These are the parts included:


·      Performance Enhancement Device (PED) kit (spoiler set front and rear)

·      Screw Kit (4 x torx, 4 x washer & 1 x pressure plate set)

·      Vent kit (7 x Tear Duct, 2 x TDF3, 1 x XDB2)

·      Post anchor set

·      Torx (T20) screwdriver

·      Sticker set (2 x 11cm, 2 x 9cm w/masking film for custom painting, 2 x 5.5cm)


ARAI GP7 SRC ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection)

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